What is collaborative divorce?

Embarking on a Collaborative Divorce means embarking on a thoughtfully structured and customized journey to address all the specific aspects of your divorce. With the guidance of skilled collaborative professionals, including attorneys, communication experts, financial specialists, and parenting professionals, you and your spouse work together to find solutions that align with your unique family dynamics and the well-being of your children, if applicable. Central to this process is the utilization of Interest-Based Negotiation, which empowers you and your spouse to reach agreements that prioritize your individual and shared interests and goals. By embracing Collaborative Divorce, you can navigate the complexities of divorce with a focus on understanding, cooperation, and mutual satisfaction.

When navigating the challenging journey of divorce, the Collaborative Divorce process offers a unique approach that focuses on maintaining privacy, preserving relationships, and empowering you and your spouse to make crucial decisions. Here are some compelling reasons why Collaborative Divorce may be the ideal choice for you:

  1. It’s Private and Confidential

    Unlike the public nature of litigated divorces, Collaborative Divorce prioritizes privacy and confidentiality. Led by a team of collaborative professionals, meetings take place in an office setting rather than a courtroom. This ensures that personal matters remain discreet and shields your relationship with your spouse from unnecessary scrutiny. By safeguarding your privacy, Collaborative Divorce protects your standing within your families, communities, and workplace.

  2. It Preserves the Relationship Between Spouses

    While litigation often focuses on blame, Collaborative Divorce is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the relationship between you and your spouse. This approach is particularly beneficial if you have children, as maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship is crucial for their well-being. Through the collaborative process, you and your spouse work together to develop a parenting plan tailored to the unique needs of your restructured family. By prioritizing shared parenting rather than dividing children like property, Collaborative Divorce fosters healthier long-term outcomes for everyone involved.

  3. It’s Divorce Couple and Client-Centered

    In Collaborative Divorce, you and your spouse maintain control over the outcome, rather than leaving it in the hands of a judge or jury. With your respective collaborative divorce attorneys supporting you, the settlement process is conducted with respect, integrity, and clarity of information. By avoiding the fear or threat of going to court, collaborative agreements are more likely to be honored, ensuring a smoother transition into your post-divorce life. Unlike adversarial litigation, Collaborative Divorce empowers you and your spouse to preserve your relationships rather than damaging them.

  4. It’s User-Friendly

    Collaborative Divorce offers a user-friendly experience that respects the unique needs and demands of your family, life, and work. The process is designed to operate within your schedule, with meetings arranged at times when you and your spouse are more likely to be able to address issues effectively and without unnecessary stress. Unlike litigation, where the court controls the timetable, Collaborative Divorce ensures that the process aligns with your life circumstances, fostering a more efficient and less disruptive experience.

  5. It’s Pocketbook-Friendly

    Compared to adversarial litigated divorce, Collaborative Divorce is a more cost-effective and efficient option. By working with joint neutral professionals such as mental health, communication, or parenting experts, and financial professionals, you and your spouse can effectively address important aspects like parenting plans and property division. Collaborative Divorce often reaches completion within six months, significantly shorter than the year or more typically required for adversarial divorces. This streamlined process not only saves you time but also reduces unnecessary financial burdens.

  6. It’s Focused on Problem-Solving and Settlement

    The Collaborative Divorce process is centered around problem-solving and reaching a settlement that works for both parties. Instead of preparing for trial, which is often the focus of litigation, you and your spouse devote your energy and time to negotiating outcomes that meet your needs. Collaborative Divorce meetings are conducted with clear agendas, ensuring efficient discussions and minimizing wasted time, effort, and money. By prioritizing settlement from the start, Collaborative Divorce empowers you to resolve differences and move forward without unnecessary courtroom battles.

  7. The Process is Yours

    When engaging in Collaborative Divorce, you and your spouse assume full control over the proceedings. No agreement will be finalized unless both of you are genuinely satisfied with the outcomes. The collaborative team’s primary objective is to provide each of you with the best possible chance for a favorable resolution during this challenging period in your lives. Acting as guardians of the process, the collaborative professionals ensure that the process remains tailored to your specific needs, while you actively contribute to its success. The attorneys are not adversaries but rather advocates for peace. They stand alongside you, offering unwavering support and guidance, allowing you to express your thoughts and concerns after thorough preparation. In contrast to the adversarial nature of litigation, Collaborative Divorce ensures that your voice is heard, ensuring a more balanced and respectful environment for reaching resolutions.