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At Collaborative Divorce Houston, we’re passionate about empowering divorcing couples to reclaim control over one of the most challenging times of their lives. Our process revolves around championing families and safeguarding the couple’s assets through dynamic, solution-driven, interest-based negotiation. In contrast to the arduous path of traditional litigation, Collaborative Divorce liberates you from the courtroom, drastically reducing stress, and cost, and nurturing a brighter future for all parties involved.

We are committed to excellence in the representation of our clients in the resolution of matters through interest-based negotiation, while bringing in experts from other fields to help seek an efficient and meaningful resolution of divorce and other family law issues. The professionals who are members of Collaborative Divorce Houston undergo rigorous training standards in their respective fields to ensure that clients get the benefit of high quality expertise. We are proudly affiliated with Collaborative Divorce Texas, a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to public education of the benefits of resolving matters through the collaborative process and which unwaveringly upholds the highest standards of collaborative practice

The collaborative law process removed so many unknowns in the divorce process and gave me a huge amount of comfort during a very difficult time.

– Bill O.

17 years ago I experienced a collaborative divorce with my ex-husband. It was the most respectful, intelligent, emotionally moderate, communicative and peaceful divorce of anyone I’ve ever seen go through a divorce. At the time, I had never heard of a collaborative divorce. My ex-husband had found out about it through a friend. We were able to consciously uncouple and remain friendly with our relationship healthy and intact, so that we could successfully finish raising our children. We co-parented our children into very successful and well-adjusted adults. The collaborative process made sure of that. The collaborative divorce process made sure that the interest of the children are always the first thing on the concern list. Nobody is pitted against one another. Everybody is focused on the good of the cause for the entire family. The attorneys and professionals work diligently and intelligently to help communication go smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this process for anyone considering a divorce. You will save money, heartache, and misunderstandings.

-Micki Grimland, LCSW

Two things got me through my divorce: my faith in God and the professionals of Collaborative Divorce Houston. Were it not for the collaborative divorce process and the professionals who work to implement it in the area of finances, behavior, and law, my divorce would have certainly devolved into an expensive and unnecessarily painful, litigious affair. Instead, things went smoothly, the collateral damage to family and friends was minimized, and we obtained a result far better than I could’ve ever imagined.

– Richard M.